About us

Welcome to Printed Sim Racing, where passion meets precision in the world of sim racing. Established in 2022 by collaborative mechanical engineering students from The Netherlands. PSR is driven by a shared love for sim racing and a commitment to supplying top quality products to enthusiasts worldwide.
At PSR we represent the spirit of motorsports through our collaboration with the upcoming Dutch racing team, More Motorsport. We are actively involved in the world of real-life racing, providing invaluable insights that shape the development of our products. This collaboration not only strengthens our ties with motorsports but also serves as a source of real-world knowledge, guiding us in creating products that excel in the dynamic realm of virtual racing.
What sets us apart is our in-house production facility located in the heart of the Netherlands. Every product we offer is produced and assembled with great precision by our team of engineers to ensure the best possible quality for our customers. Our journey started with the goal of offering sim racing products accessible to enthusiasts of all levels. As passionate sim racers, we understand the significance of providing value for money without compromising on the quality, enhancing the virtual racing experience for all. Whether you're a sim racing veteran or just starting your virtual racing journey, Printed Sim Racing is here to support you. Join us in the pursuit of excellence, driven by our passion for sim racing and a dedication to providing outstanding products to the global sim racing community.