Mounting solutions

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€9,99 EUR
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Hand assembled in the Netherlands 🇳🇱

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Magnetic Mounting Solution

Our dashboard is equipped with ultra strong Neodymium magnets. Mounting your dashboard is super easy and fast. No need to unscew bolts to remove your dashboard.

We tested our magnetic mount on full motion simulators. The magnetic connection is rock solid, no worries about your dashboard moving mid race. 

You can also buy the mounting solutions separately!



Purchasing a license allows SimHub and connected devices to run at 60Hz. Without a license, the default refresh rate is 10Hz. We highly recommend obtaining a license for the optimal experience and to support ongoing development efforts of SimHub


Starting from SimHub version 9.4.2, users can enjoy the convenience of an autodetection feature. In the device section, our latest products will appear at the top for easy addition to your device list.

Manual configuration

In the device section, all Printed Sim Racing products compatible and integrated with SimHub are listed and can be manually added, facilitating a seamless integration process for users.

SimHub - Dashboard templates

Lovely Dashboard *Orginal*

"The Lovely Dashboard, used by thousands* of sim racers across the world, has become a staple in all of your sim racing setups. From professionals like Tony Kanaan all the way to rookies, the Lovely Dashboard delivers the best and most consistent information for all simulators."

Printed Sim Racing *Alteration*

The original Lovely dashboard is excellent, and to ensure all our customers can experience this fantastic template, we've created a version that respects the Creative Commons Attribution license associated with the original Lovely dashboard. This version primarily offers Round Top Edition users a compatible variant. 

Lovely Dashboard - Curved Top

A new version of the Lovely dashboard is currently in development, designed to accommodate curved top dashboards. This version will include an RPM bar and all the other standard features available in the current version of the Lovely dashboard. For further updates, please check out the Discord server.

Printed Sim Racing template

Introducing the PSR Dashboard, purpose-built and optimized for seamless integration with our Printed Sim Racing products through SimHub.
Throughout the year, we will continuously update this template to accommodate newer versions of SimHub and integrate with new games.

SimHub community templates

The SimHub community has developed a diverse collection of impressive dashboard templates. These creations designed by the community offer a range of functionalities and styles. These Provide users with numerous options to enhance and personalize their simulation setups. We highly recommend exploring these dashboards to elevate your SimHub experience anong side our products.


CompatibilityFanatec Asetek Simucube Pro/Sport/Ultimate Moza R5/R9/R12 Simagic Alpha/Alpha Mini/Alpha U Simagic M10 VRS DFP Mige 130ST (OSW, Sim-Plicity SW20) Thrustmaster T818 Accuforce V1/V2
Optional Cable2m USB 2.0 Type-A to Type-C
Weight~100 grams
Height AdjustmentMinimum 10mm Maximum 40mm
MountingUltra Strong Neodymium Magnetic Mount
ConstructionRobust 3D Printing
CompatibilityFanatec Asetek Simucube: Pro Sport Ultimate Moza: R5 R9 R12 Simagic: Alpha Alpha Mini Alpha U M10 VRS DFP Mige 130ST OSW Sim-Plicity SW20 Thrustmaster: T818 Accuforce: V1/V2
Optional Cable2m USB 2.0 Type-A to Type-C
Weight~100 grams
Height AdjustmentMin: 10mm Max: 40mm
MountingUltra Strong Neodymium Magnetic Mount
ConstructionRobust 3D printing

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FAQ - GT5.0 Elite Dashboard

Where is the PSR GT5.0 Elite Dashboard in SimHub?

Please download the latest version of SimHub

In SimHub, press on -> Devices -> Add New Device -> PSR GT5.0 Elite Dashboard

Can I change the appearance of the LEDs and display?


You can change the appearance of the LEDs and dashboard template to anything that suits your needs. We recommend RaceDepartment and Lovely Dashboard

Do I need a HDMI or DisplayPort connection? (No, just USB)

No HDMI or Displayport connection.

You just need a USB connection. A 2 meter USB C cable is included.

Does my PC / Xbox / Playstation support the sim racing dashboard?

The dashboard requires SimHub software and is fully supported on PC.

Consoles are partially supported. Please check supported console games.